About Us

As you know with the change of economy, crime rates in certain areas are climbing.  With this, and combining the growing number of cities cutting the budget for public safety, do you feel safe in your neighborhood?  Is your contractor proactive?  Does your current contractor take an actual proactive approach by contacting people to ensure they are supposed to be on your property and enter all contacts in a report?  Does your contactor do electronic reporting? 

The concept of West Coast Security Concepts started many years ago while working as a site security agent in the Seattle area.  During that time, we specialized in working at Low Income / HUD properties to help deter crime in high crime areas.  With the success that we had, the local police department saw a decrease of well over one-hundred 911 calls for police service, or 1 or 2 a month coming from the on-site security agents.  The property management company was so pleased with the services rendered they continuously renewed the contract with the same agents working there for multiple years. 

 In the beginning a majority of our personnel started working on contracts in the downtown Seattle area, working mostly on 1st and 2nd Avenue, Pioneer Square, Western Avenue, and the Waterfront.  Each contract resulted in successful implementation of its initial goals, which resulted in officers being successful with the tools that they were provided.  In addition, each officer had previous training, knowledge, and experience which allowed them to be more successful over the companies that did not have the training available to their personnel.

As time has gone on, companies have forgotten the importance in the upgrades in technology to assist in crime prevention, awareness, and the software that can be utilized to make the Security Industry as a whole more successful.  Recently our Principle has had the opportunity to be part of the Operations Management Team for a Fortune 500 software company with over 100 buildings in the Puget Sound Region, as well as conducting training in many overseas locations. West Coast Security Concepts uses an operations program that is completely electronic and is officer friendly, but maintains the importance, professional appearance, and integrity of a report.  This online tool is able to email directly to the client any actions or incidents that have occurred on the client property so that it can either be electronically stored, or printed out for the client to maintain a journal.  West Coast Security Concepts also utilizes an online reporting tool that instantaneously creates an event for officers.  In addition, this same tool allows any person reporting an incident to remain anonymous via our web site. 

The goal of West Coast Security Concepts is to provide high quality reasonably priced security services to any clientele that gives them the peace of mind they require out of a security agency.  The placement of our personnel is what generally places West Coast Security Concepts in the position to confidently describe the implementation of our security projects as authentic. Our security personnel are trained to make visible foot patrols throughout their posts in undetermined patterns.  We encourage our personnel to interact with your patrons and employees in addition to standing a fixed post.

If you are interested in a free service quotation, feel free to contact West Coast Security Concepts at 1(888) 520-9277 or send a request via email to Info@wcscsec.com.


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