Seven Business Truths

So I ran across this article on Facebook from one of the pages I follow and thought I would share.  After reading this, they are very true for me at least and how I should keep my mind focused on things.  I put my two-sense in bold type.

 7 business truths I wish I’d been brave enough to believe, 732 days ago.

Side-note :: I eventually DID come to believe each of the following truths, along the wild & winding road. But if I’d known & believed them at the BEGINNING of my entrepreneurial journey? We’d be living in the United States of Franzen, by now.

1 :: Proceed like you’re already PLATINUM.

To borrow a potent question from everyone’s favorite Jersey Girl-made-good, “If you were the BEST in the world at what you do, how would you BEHAVE?” Behave like that, from day one.
And pretty soon, the BEST is precisely what you’ll be.

After looking back at all of the years I have been doing Security, and the different positions I have held, I think I can honestly say I am an expert in many areas.  By no means am I saying I know everything, but I know a lot.  With that said, I have to sell myself in written material as well in person because of the fact this is a very large industry.  I have always shown I am the best at what I do, through the good, the bad, and of the course ugly.  With different events and paths that I have taken, I have never let the bad or the ugly keep me down, I have just learned from it and moved on knowing that I did nothing wrong.  What is keeping me motivated is after working so long in this industry, I know that I provide a better solution than any of my competitors, if I don’t have the solution, I always manage to find it.  I am quick on my feet. 

 2 :: But . . . fall in love with your worst-case scenario.

I got up close & personal with my worst-case scenario – working in a dive bar for peanuts, and snacking on government-subsidized cheese — and realized that if everything imploded like a dying star, I’d still be fine. I’d still be loveable. I’d still be charming. I’d still be me. Rock-bottom failure = more fodder for the memoir!

My worst case scenario was the last 5 years of my career, OK, OK, I can’t say it was all bad, just 98% of it.  While I did learn and grow a lot from my favorite place on the east side of Seattle, it took more out of me in 5 years then anything has in my adult life.  I have realized now that it is time for me to do the things that make me happy, and that includes being a business owner.  I know that I am the best at what I do, so I can not dwell on the past, I have to look towards the future.

3 :: Get your finances aligned by a pro, from the get-go.

Admission: I thought I could wrangle my own finances, forever. I mean, that’s why the Goddess of Prosperity invented Turbo Tax, riiight? Do yourself a glorious favor: spend $50 on a consultation with a professional number-cruncher, and get cleaned up & confident. You’ll sleep better — and keep more of what you earn.

I have learned the hard way, and I am going to take this advice further than I already have.  Without the help of Amanda Mayo and Doug Schlicter with the Strenua Group, I would be knee deep trying to figure things out in QuickBooks (lost in taxes).  Thank you both.  I think it is time to be realistic and sit down and talk things over as a whole with a CPA instead of just my tax needs.

4 :: Remember WHY you’re here. And WHAT you want.

Write it big. Blow it up. Frame it. French kiss it. Silkscreen it on your t-shirts. Tattoo it on your forearms. Do whatever you need to do to keep your driving purpose front and center, at all times. The locked-in perspective will keep you focused . . . and sane.

Why am I here?  I spent several months re-examining myself and my career goals.  I am on track with where I want to be right now.  Things are happening, and I am not going to worry about them, because at the end of the day I will figure it all out with the help of my family and friends.  I have branded myself, and I will fight for my brand and keep my drive to push forward.  I am going to be the best provider of my industry in the Puget Sound.  I will make no excuses, just be honest.  Honesty is a strong word and something that I believe everyone should live by.  Do it, live it, own it.  You own your life and your goals, do it, or you will fell worthless for life even though you are not.

5 :: Put your cheerleaders on speed dial.

Your mom. Your auntie. Your mentor. Your partner. Keep them clued in, and close. But don’t use them as human Kleenex boxes — call them when you’re in celebration-mode, not just when you’re in crisis-mode. They want — and need — to know that you’re making progress. That they don’t need to start up a charity collection for your survival. Unless, like, they do. And that’s OK, too.

This is very true.  I get mad at myself when I come across as Debbie Downer, so they the hell do it?  Everything in life comes with good and bad, but we all have to play the cards we are dealt.. or do we?  I have reshuffled mine, I am now playing that cards that I choose, instead of the ones that were chosen by others.  I am looking at the future as a bright one, I know it will be, just takes patience and time.  I cannot let the negative get me down anymore, just move forward from it and look at what I learned out of it.  My family, friends, and people that I choose to be part of my business goals all need to see the good as I move away from the negative.  I promise to make more of the good calls instead of the bad.  I thank everyone that has helped me through the rough patch and know that I have not forgotten you.

6 :: Get a just-for-the-joy-of-it hobby.

Hobbies keep you fluid, playful & expansive. Which is exactly how you’ll want your brain to be wired . . . if you want to receive your next brilliant business idea.

I think the most important thing I have done for myself this year was getting my Beagle.  No matter how bad things get, he is there to make me smile.  Instead of mopping around the house, I am outside no matter the weather with him.  He is a constant tangible thing, even through the whining.  I have come up with many ideas while outside walking him while he tugs on the leash and nips at my fingers.

7 :: Live 100 years in the future.

It’s the most critical question you can — and must — ask yourself, with each new client, opportunity, invitation & growth spurt: “100 years from today . . . will it matter?” Or, if that’s too heady, start with this: “1 year from today . . . will it matter?” Will it leave a lasting legacy? Will it continue to elevate lives? Will it enhance your visibility, the breadth of your voice, your income, your influence?
Is it vitally important? Or does it just ‘feel’ urgent?

With the state of the economy and the way my industry is ran, I know that my morals and goals will keep my company going.  If it is not as The Lombardi Group Inc., let be from what I have shown and taught people.  I have a lot of thinking to do after a meeting I had with Amanda this week in regards to where I want to be with my company in 2 to 5 years.  The ideas are spinning, it’s time to put them down on paper and make them reality.  My industry does matter, as we have shrinking government budgets, my industry will be relied upon more to protect our communities.  We will need the best of the best, not the warm body that is barely breathing to move forward.  I will not be like the big corporations or the others in the industry who really just do not care, I care and that is what matters. 

Sorry that’s some of this is long, but I appreciate your time in reading this.  I think we all need to stop and ask these questions to ourselves, think hard, and answer them. 


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