Just starting out our blog…

Well I have decided to try something new and exciting with West coast Security Concepts… A Blog. 

I am trying to develop my company in different ways from the industry standard.  I feel by using the power of technology, we will have a better working relationship with our community and our clients.  My intent with this blog is to keep as many people as update to date as possible on industry standards, changes, company changes, and to also keep our community, our clients, and staff up to date. 

West Coast Security Concepts comes with some of the best expertise and experience in the business, we will not fail our community or clients.  We are a licensed Security Firm in the State of Washington, and can provide consulting services in the State of Nevada.   We are insured beating the industry standards with $3 million in coverage.  We hire the best, and we provide the best training available to our staff, and are always up to new and exciting challenges.  As we grow and change, we will keep everyone up to date.  We are not tied down to just the West Coast, we have many contacts through out the world.  We can provide consulting services anywhere they are needed.

Welcome to West Coast Security Concepts, brought to you by The Lombardi Group Inc.  We are locally owned and operated.


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